Providing information awareness and public education is an important tool to encourage changes in addressing social issues like family sexual and gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea.
Consultative Implementation Monitoring Council Executive Officer Mrs. Wallis Yakam reiterated the concern at the official launch of the first-ever film documentary commissioned by CIMC’s Family and Sexual Violence Committee (FSVAC) showcasing legal and support options for survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG.
The launching of the film was welcomed by His Excellency Australian High Commissioner to PNG Mr. Jon Philip on World International Women’s Day (March 8).
The documentary titled ‘Pathways to justice- strongim sinduan bilong femili’- was produced with support from the Australian government through PNG-Aus Partnership with the intent to raise public awareness about the support services in the referral pathway like the Office of the Public Prosecutor; Police Family and Sexual Unit; Magisterial Services; Counselling Services; Family Support Centre and many others who provide care such and how to access them.
“The referral pathway is an important response mechanism to addressing the issues of family and sexual violence. The pathway needs constant support and strengthening to establish strong links and provide awareness and educate the public.” Mrs Yakam said.
“The documentary is also an important tool for advocating for change of behavior in the community to encourage family unity and stability”
Strengthening referral pathways has been part of the work of the CIMCFSVAC team as it aims to strengthen the network to encourage stronger linkages between state service providers; churches and community-based organisations and human rights defenders to better assist mothers and their children suffering from family and sexual violence.


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