Regional Development Forum

The Mamose Region has 4 provinces- West Sepik, East Sepik, Madang and Morobe. The regional forums are rotated between each province in the region and the 2017 forum was conducted in Wewak after the last Mamose forum was conducted in Madang province in 2015. The CIMC thanks the East Sepik Provincial Administration for agreeing to host the Forum. It also thanks the Hon Governor Sir Michael Thomas Somare and the Provincial Administrator Mrs Elizabeth Kaprangi for accepting to participate at the forum. Thanks also to all the participants from the province and region for taking part. The 2017 forum theme was, “Quality Leadership and Community Oversight for Improved Governance”. The forum theme was chosen to create awareness about the importance of having good leadership and to provoke discussions on good leadership, effective systems and processes for improved service delivery and highlighting the role and responsibility of individuals to ensure that quality leadership is installed into the service delivery system. Such discussions are expected to guide people to make wise and informed choices at the 2017 elections.

Momase Development Forum in Wewak, Sepik Province (11-12 April).

The summary Report can be pdf document accessed here

2017 Momase Region Presentations