Regional Development Forum

The Momase Regional Development Forum was held from the 2nd to 3rd of May in Vanimo, West Sepik province. The host Provincial Administrator and his team provided support and hospitality to all provincial participants and speakers from Port Moresby and the region. Like this one, all Regional Forums are the avenue through which stakeholders from all sectors participate and channel their recommendations/ideas, to the government for the purposes of improving service delivery, public policies implementation, and development.
This year the theme “Create a Crime Free Society for better Livelihoods” was focused on bringing to light the law and order-related issues and experiences in the four regions through the discussions. The primary aim of the forum was to:

  1. Bring key government officials in the sector and the political leaders including provincial governments in the region together to discuss with the public the current law and order situation in the region and showcase what the government has been doing to curb the situation;
  2. Provide an avenue for the Law and Justice sector to present to the region its plans so that the public and the provincial governments work together to address the issue; and
  3. Get the people and stakeholders to provide their views and experiences of addressing crime including showcasing successful local initiatives.

Experts and officers from various government and private organizations were invited to speak and share information on cross-cutting law and order-related issues and strategies used to curb crime through collaboration with all stakeholders. The two-days forum was focused on identifying issues and challenges including positive regional law and order interventions including emerging concerns such as trafficking of contrabands and illegal weapons as well as sea piracy and the production and use of illicit drugs and alcohol.

Sessions were allocated for presentations in specific thematic areas drawing speakers from a range of expertise and background including government. The forum attracted over 120 participants from the region of which 25% were females. Civil society and NGO representatives made up almost 60% of the total participants in attendance. Presentations were done on the overview of the crime situation in the country, issues affecting performance and productivity, institutional capacity, and governance arrangement of law and order enforcement agencies. The presentations also highlighted existing and emerging trends of crime and law and order issues and challenges facing communities and how organizations and provinces were able to address them. Some interesting highlights of positive interventions were also shared to inspire others to emulate and contextualize to their local situations.

 Below are some presentations that were done at the forum which could be easily uploaded.