Regional Development Forum

The Highlands Regional Development Forum was held from the 8-9th of May, 2018 at the Bird of Paradise Hotel in Goroka. The objectives of the forum were to:

  • Inform provinces and districts of the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP III) 2018-2022;
  • Dialogue with provinces and districts on medium-term development potentials & priorities; and
  • Align sub-national development planning to the MTDP III, 2018-2022.

The theme for the Forum was “Securing our Future through Inclusive Economic Growth", which is the same theme used for the MTDP III. The focus of the forum was to identify key economic impact areas in the provinces and region, find ways to use those areas to trigger economic growth in the medium term, while focussing on service sectors, like education and health.
This forum used the CIMC consultative dialogue process through which the Government wanted to engage the Civil Society, Private Sector, and the community at large to provide input to the MDP III. Sectoral recommendations guided by the development indicators made at the forum would be included in the MTDP III featuring a paradigm shift that would see inclusive and bottom-up planning by Government.

This approach also added value to the CIMC process through which recommendations made at the forum would be featured directly in Government plans and that civil society and the private sector are empowered to hold the Government accountable to implement the MTDP III. The Forum involved all Governors and Provincial Administrations in the region to participate and provide their input to the five-year plan (MTDP III). Hon Richard Maru as Minister for National Planning and Monitoring and Chairman of the CIMC has been instrumental to make the forums an avenue through which multi-sectoral and provincial/regional dialogue finds important strategies to achieve tangible economic growth for the next five years through the MTDP III.

Some presentations can be accessed below. Other presentations can be obtained by contacting the CIMC Office using the contact details provided in the Contact page.