National Development Forum

The above CIMC National Development Forum in Port Moresby was attended by more than 500 people over two and half days.Those in attendance included Department Secretaries, Government leaders, Private Sector leaders, Donors, Churches, Development Partners, Persons with Disability, a range of regional civil society organisations and the media. Experienced implementing practitioners from various development sectors and interested citizens also attended. Provincial representatives numbering to 44 (two from each province) were invited and funded to travel and represent their provinces at the forum while some provincial participants attended at their own cost.

The Theme for the forum “Implementing Sustainable Development Plans: Building From Past Experiences For A Better Future” was chosen to ensure discussions were centered around how best the Responsible Development Strategy could be embraced by targeted stakeholders based using past experiences of implementing development plans so that similar mistakes were not repeated and there was some level of improvement and implementation outcomes. An important rationale also was to ensure the opportunity for citizens and their various representative to learn about current government policies and plans was provided.

Based on presentations around policy development and implementation, participants offered a number of practical recommendations in response highlighting that ways had to be found to overcome existing flaws with the public service structure, resource management and monitoring and accountability issues between national and sub-national guardians of the public interest and resources.

Recommendations from participants highlighted issues of strategic and institutional governance through careful planning and resourcing key public sector organisations, management and reporting and ensuring information of outcomes are delivered to the people. The Forum supports STaR because it focuses on natural resources, land and people. In line with that recommendations were made that government should provide agriculture subsidies, provides nucleus and out-growers scheme and proper training for farmers through extension programs.

The forum also perceived that bolstering the SME and informal sector is sustainable for the economy into the future, therefore recommended that the government finalises the draft SME Policy and ensure it has a clear definition that also caters for informal enterprises and catagorise financial products to meet requirements of people trading in different SME categories. It was also urged to consider improvement to safeguard the interest of women and young people in the largely unregulated informal sector.

Recommendations were also made for provincial and district reforms and for maintenance and reopening of all rural roads, airstrips, jetties and revival of the DoW and PSTB to monitor and maintain all transport infrastructure. Gender and social inclusion recommendations were also made with particular attention for government to consider Gender Policies and provide funding support for women programs across the country (eg. repatriation, counseling). Government was also called on to consider and give prominence to the Gender Based Violence Policy.

In summary, it was noted that mechanisms like CIMC should be supported and improved as they bring government and citizens together for the national interest. Good technical specialists and advice should be utilised more effectively to inform planning and implementation.

2015 Forum Gallery

2015 National Development Forum Presentations

For those who attended or did not attend the National Development Forum and/but are interested in presentations that have not been uploaded due to uploading capacity issues please email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the presentations will be sent to you.

Presentations not uploaded include:

  • Empowering Women for Inclusive & Equal Participation in Development Issues & Challenges
    Dr Jeffery Buchanan, Country Representative - UNWOMEN & Ms Beatrice Tabeu, National Programme Specialist - UNWOMEN PNG
  • Content, Implementation and Challenges of the National Informal Economy Policy (2011-2015) Future Options for Growing the SME Sector
    Mr Busa Jeremiah Wenogo, Senior Project Officer - CIMC
  • Budget and Service Charters for Effective Service Delivery
    Mr John Toguata, Anti-Corruption Adviso - PALJP
  • A Budget Tracking Initiative
    Mrs Elizabeth Avaisa, Senior Project Officer - CIMC

The 2015 National Development Forum Report is in compilation and will be made available here shortly