National Development Forum

In 2017 the CIMC came up with the theme “Quality Leadership and Community Oversight for Improved Governance” for the Development Forums. The main reason for selecting this theme was to provoke discussions, understanding and create awareness on good leadership, effective systems and processes for improved service delivery and emphasise that every citizen has a role to play to ensure quality leadership in the service delivery system. The expected outcome was that participants would be made aware of the various views/concepts/knowledge expressed through the forums which would then assist them to make informed choices in the 2017 National Elections.

Broader concepts pertaining to the Westminster system versus practical reality in PNG were also discussed in all forums reflecting on whether the adopted Westminster system has worked to our advantage or not. This was followed by presenting important policy and legal reforms by key government agencies in enhancing effective governance in the management of public finances and resources of the country. The presentations featured the Departments of National Planning, Finance, Personnel Management, & Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs. Outcomes of all the presentations and discussions of this forum is in compilation and will be made available here when it is ready.

The CIMC is thankful to the European Union (EU) and the Government of PNG through the Department of National Planning and Monitoring for supporting CIMC host the National Development Forum in Port Moresby and the Regional Development Forums around the country. Such support is visibly appreciated by the participants who find the forums an opportunity to be informed of government policy or to air their views on policy development and service delivery around the country.

2017 Forum Gallery

2017 National Development Forum Presentations