Transport & Infrastructure Sectoral Committee

The Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss emerging Transport and Infrastructure issues and concerns and find solutions for implementation, monitor and report the outcomes to business and the community. This is done through:

  • Quarterly meetings and workshops each year;
  • Facilitating discussions on Transport and Infrastructure issues affecting the country;
  • Proposing alternative advice to Government and relevant agencies on how to address the issues identified;
  • Facilitating discussions on broader national policies and legislation concerning the sector and determining how they can be used to derive best results; and
  • Monitoring the implementation progress of Transport and Infrastructure related recommendations made to Government and report on problems encountered or achievements from implementation.

To ensure that the needs of all agencies in the sector are brought to the discussion table through a targeted approach the Committee set up 5 Sub-Committees. This Committees are meant to focus their discussions to meet the needs and requirements of their sectors and then elevate the outcomes and resolutions to the bigger Committee for further delebration or upholding. The sub-Committees are:

  1. Land Transport sub-Committee;
  2. Sea Transport sub-Committee;
  3. Air Transport sub-committee;
  4. Public Utilities (Power, Water, ICT) sub-Committee; and
  5. Physical Infrastructure (Buildings/Officers and other Infrastructure) sub-Committee.