Education & Training Sectoral Committee

The Education and Training Sectoral Committee is mandated to operate under the CIMC Terms of Reference as a thematic group to discuss education and training issues with the aim to provide expert advice on specific and cross-sectoral issues to support the Government's agenda on training and education in the country. It is also focused on contributing to broad-based sectoral discussions on policy and integrated policies and plans that are relevant to education service delivery. The Committee is chaired by the Secretary for the Department of Education.

Purpose of the Committee

To maintain constant and sustained dialogue between members and relevant stakeholders on issues affecting education and training service delivery in the country and propose appropriate strategies to address hindrances and impediments to service delivery.

The Committee also has the role to share information both with policymakers and implementers of the education sector which includes key Government plans, policies and strategies and provide opportunities for stakeholders to find solutions. It is also an avenue to advocate and create awareness on education and training, and its impacts on economic growth and livelihood sustainability including the overall personal integral development, gender equality and social inclusion.