Commerce & Services Sectoral Committee

The Committee facilitates ongoing dialogue between Government and private sector and civil society on pressing issues and policies affecting private sector development and growth and find ways to address them. The Committee carries out its function within the following three (3) broad areas.

One: Ensure private sector and civil society are meaningfully engaged in key commerce and services policy and legislative reforms.

Key focus of the Committee will be to maintain a robust dialogue platform to inform and create awareness and advocate for effective collaboration and partnerships among all stakeholders (Government and businesses) to look at existing and or new policies in order to ensure private sector development and growth. This will be delivered through regular Committee meetings and special meetings and also through the various media streams, promotional materials, research briefs or reports and information papers targeting relevant state agencies.

Two: Initiate and facilitate policy research and disseminate information including building and maintaining regular communication among stakeholders and partners.

The Committee will continue to be a hub for exchange of ideas and mutual engagement with various stakeholders. It will undertake targeted research and disseminate findings/reports through meetings/seminars and presentations echoing issues affecting private sector growth.

Three: Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and reporting on implementation of key policy initiatives pertinent to private sector growth such as the taxation review report and the SME Policy Implementation and its subsequent periodic reviews.

The Committee’s input and support in this area is crucial to drive the necessary policy and legislative reforms that support the development of commerce and service activities in the country. It will actively work towards identifying critical importannt issues on the informal economy and undertake necessary monitoring and evaluation exercise. From time to time it will also commission studies where required with support from partners.